Manassas Station Operations, VA

Date(s): August 25-27,1862

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Manassas National Battlefield Park, Virginia, United States

Campaign(s): Northern Virginia Campaign [August 1862]

Battles in Campaign:



  • Union: Brig. Gen. G.W. Taylor

  • Confederate: Maj. Gen. Thomas J. Jackson

Principal Forces:

  • Union: Divisions

  • Confederate: Divisions


  • On the evening of August 26, after passing around Pope’s right flank via Thoroughfare Gap, Jackson’s wing of the army struck the Orange & Alexandria Railroad at Bristoe Station and before daybreak August 27 marched to capture and destroy the massive Union supply depot at Manassas Junction.

  • This surprise movement forced Pope into an abrupt retreat from his defensive line along the Rappahannock River.

  • On August 27, Jackson routed a Union brigade near Union Mills (Bull Run Bridge), inflicting several hundred casualties and mortally wounding Union Brig. Gen. G.W. Taylor.

  • Ewell’s Division fought a brisk rearguard action against Hooker’s division at Kettle Run, resulting in about 600 casualties.

  • Ewell held back Union forces until dark.

  • During the night of August 27-28, Jackson marched his divisions north to the First Manassas battlefield, where he took position behind an unfinished railroad grade.

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Classification2: B

Casualties3: 1,100 total

  • Union:

  • Confederate:

Results: Confederate Victory

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1 National Park Service summary.

2 Classification:

  • A - having a decisive influence on a campaign and a direct impact on the course of the war

  • B - having a direct and decisive influence on their campaign

  • C - having observable influence on the outcome of a campaign

  • D - having a limited influence on the outcome of their campaign or operation but achieving or affecting important local objectives

3 Casualties are someone killed, injured, wounded, captured or missing.

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