Marks' Mills, AR

Date(s): April 25, 1864

Campaign(s): Camden Expedition (1864)

Battles in Campaign:


  • The Camden Expedition (March 23–May 2, 1864) was a military campaign in southern and central Arkansas.

  • It involved Union forces stationed at Little Rock and Fort Smith under the command of Major General Frederick Steele.

  • The plan called for Steele's force to march to Shreveport, Louisiana, where it would link up with an amphibious expedition led by Maj. Gen. Nathaniel P. Banks and Rear Admiral David D. Porter, whose force was to advance up the Red River Valley; once joined, the Union force was to strike into Texas.


  • Union: Lt. Col. Francis Drake

  • Confederate: Brig. Gen. James B. Fagan

Principal Forces:

  • Union: Infantry brigade

  • Confederate: two divisions


  • A Union force escorted 240 wagons from Camden to Pine Bluff to pick up supplies and transport them back to Maj. Gen. Fred Steele’s army.

  • At first the Union escort rebuffed Confederate attempts to halt them.

  • Then the Confederates moved in on the Union rear and front, causing a rout.

  • The Rebels captured most of the men and all of the supply wagons.

  • Thus, Steele gave up all thoughts of uniting with Maj. Gen. Nathaniel Banks on the Red River and realized that he had to save his army.

Photo Gallery:1

Marks' Mill Historic Battlefield Site

The Union Wagon train Leaves Camden

The Battle at Marks' Mills

James Fagan Monument

Monument Errected to Cap. Richard T. Banks by His Son and Grandsons


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Classification3: D


  • Union: 1,500

  • Confederate: 293

Results: Confederate Victory

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