Seven Pines, VA

Date(s): May 31-June 1, 1862

Campaign(s): Peninsula Campaign [March-September 1862]

Battles in Campaign:



  • Union: Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan

  • Confederate: Gen. Joseph E. Johnston and Maj. Gen. G. W. Smith

Principal Forces: (84,000 total)

  • Union:

  • Confederate:


  • On May 31st, Gen. Joseph E. Johnston attempted to overwhelm two Federal corps that appeared isolated south of the Chickahominy River.

  • The Confederate assaults, though not well coordinated, succeeded in driving back the IV Corps and inflicting heavy casualties.

  • Reinforcements arrived, and both sides fed more and more troops into the action.

  • Supported by the III Corps and Sedgwick’s division of Sumner’s II Corps (that crossed the rain-swollen river on Grapevine Bridge), the Federal position was finally stabilized.

  • Gen. Johnston was seriously wounded during the action, and command of the Confederate army devolved temporarily to Maj. Gen. G. W. Smith.

  • On June 1st, the Confederates renewed their assaults against the Federals who had brought up more reinforcements but made little headway.

  • Both sides claimed victory.  Confederate brigadier Robert H. Hatton was killed.

Slide Presentation: None [Battlefield Lost Integrity]

Classification2: B


  • Union: 5,739

  • Confederate: 7,997

Results: Inconclusive

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1 National Park Service summary.

2 Classification:

  • A - having a decisive influence on a campaign and a direct impact on the course of the war

  • B - having a direct and decisive influence on their campaign

  • C - having observable influence on the outcome of a campaign

  • D - having a limited influence on the outcome of their campaign or operation but achieving or affecting important local objectives

3 Casualties are someone killed, injured, wounded, captured or missing.

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