White Oak Swamp, VA

Date(s): June 30, 1862

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White Oak Swamp, Henrico, Virginia, United States

Campaign(s): Peninsula Campaign [March-September 1862]

Battles in Campaign:



  • Union: Maj. Gen. William Franklin

  • Confederate: Maj. Gen. Thomas J. Jackson

Principal Forces:

  • Union:

  • Confederate:


  • The Union rearguard under Maj. Gen. William Franklin stopped Jacksonís divisions at the White Oak Bridge crossing, resulting in an artillery duel, while the main battle raged two miles farther south at Glendale or Frayserís Farm.

  • White Oak Swamp can be considered part of the Glendale engagement.

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Description of White Oak Swamp Battle

Description of White Oak Swamp Battle

Description of White Oak Swamp Battle


Slide Presentation: None

Classification3: C


  • Union: About 100

  • Confederate: 15

Results: Inconclusive

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1 National Park Service summary.

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3 Classification:

  • A - having a decisive influence on a campaign and a direct impact on the course of the war

  • B - having a direct and decisive influence on their campaign

  • C - having observable influence on the outcome of a campaign

  • D - having a limited influence on the outcome of their campaign or operation but achieving or affecting important local objectives

4 Casualties are someone killed, injured, wounded, captured or missing.

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